List of projects

Basic Weather App

Simple weather application using php and Darksky api

Basic Weather Widget

This is a weather widget using Darksky API and using Javascript photo carousel to rotate through the days of the week, it also get uses an IP API to get your location which is used to get your rough location within 20-30 kms

Graphing Weather Data

This project graphs weather data using Darksky API and Charts Laravel Package. The main purpose of this project was to learn how to do charts whilst learning Laravel PHP framework

 image of android app displaying weather

Weather Android App

Weather forecast data from a free API provided by The android app then parses the data (in JSON format) and display it in a single-page app. it also can handle errors and situations when the network is unavailable. Features used in this project are: Networking OkHttp DarkSky API Parsing JSON feed DialogFragment

image of Datatables using Ajax, PHP and MySql

DataTables with Ajax, PHP and Mysql

A web page using Datatables, Jquery, Ajax and PHP. This page display a Datatable which calls a PHP function using AJAX.

Project Six

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